Krauss reminds commercial property owners of importance of succession planning

TAMPA BAY, FL – Property management experts at The Krauss Organization are reminding members of the Baby Boomer and Gen X generation who are owners or investors in commercial properties of the importance of succession planning so that their properties are in good shape operationally and structurally – and in sound financial health – either for their heirs or for achieving top value should they decide to sell.
“You simply cannot count the number of hidden issues you need to consider that could negatively affect the value of the assets you want to pass along or sell as you begin to think about the future,” said Ryan Lolkus, President of The Krauss Organization, a full-service commercial real estate consultancy trusted in the Tampa Bay region for 65 years.
“Strategic planning with a professional is vital to insure that your commercial property holdings are not a liability to your heirs, and will achieve the highest value in the event of a sale,” said Lolkus. “Take steps now to find out.”
As a service to owners planning their exit strategy, The Krauss Organization is offering a comprehensive commercial property management effectiveness evaluation that will identify positives and negatives affecting the value of owner or investor assets.
Headed by Vice President of Property Management Services Frank G. Cisneros Jr., the Krauss Property Management Division’s property management effectiveness evaluation process looks at all elements essential to a profitable commercial property asset, including, but not limited to:
 Tenant retention experience analysis
 Lease and contract administration history
 Capital improvement needs
 Investment analysis and potential
 Accounting, financial and cash flow review
 Real estate tax review process
 Insurance policy review
 Building maintenance and structural analyses
 Landscape maintenance contracts
 Current evaluation of the physical improvements and all required systems
 Vendor contract analysis
Founded in 1952, The Krauss Organization is a team of experienced, independent, relationship-oriented commercial real estate advisors. We have been trusted through numerous economic cycles for 65 years to guide clients through transactions with a personal commitment to win-win results. Local access to the decision maker at The Krauss Organization translates to greater value in commercial real estate transactions that are crafted promptly in win-win terms. For a free consultation on all of your commercial real estate needs, please call 813-885-5656, or e-mail our company President, Ryan Lolkus, at *protected email*