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$30M RV Resort Planned for Logan Martin Lake – Connect CRE

by | Jan 24, 2024 | 0 comments

Camping is becoming big business in Alabama. Logan Martin Lake may soon be the site of a $30 million campsite. The project, proposed by Florida-based DLP Capital Holdings LLC, would develop a recreation vehicle campsite and waterfront rental properties next to Lincoln’s Landing fishing tournament and picnic area site, a 38-acre area currently under development.

Lincoln’s Landing is the largest public access site on Logan Martin Lake.

The Birmingham Business Journal reports the project would develop at least 350 lots, structures, short-term lease rentals, and other associated community improvements, including a pool and amphitheater.

The project’s development is expected to encourage retail and commercial growth in Lincoln, generate significant tax revenue and create jobs for city residents. 

Lincoln City Council will also consider providing the developer with certain tax incentives and waive applicable utility fees for the installation of new water and sewer service to serve the lots.

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